Loan Management Module

This handles the loan management process of any business; from origination through disbursement and finally collection. It allows integrations with an interface to facilitate verification/validation of information. This module contains the following;

Loan applications

Claimed applications

Disbursement verification

Disbursement batch



Finance Module

The finance module has Investment, expense tracking and helps with basic financial reports. The investment section is designed to optimize and grow the investment portfolio by enabling users to leverage on an available financial product. In this module you have the following;

Investment dashboard

Investment pool

Running investment




User Management

The user management allows businesses to create different users and roles, assign permissions and manage the staff data. Businesses can create new teams, branches and also manage the following;


Transaction key

Integrations such as Paystack keys, CRC, First Central, Okra and Remita

Business info

Investment set-up parameters